High end retouching as a weapon for making your Images stand out with Enhancement.

By judging the past history and success of High-end retouching service, one should consider the final selection for their required photo to be retouched. There are a fixed set of advantages a person will get from high-end retouching services.

A product is when advertise through online marketing it is necessary to give attention to its look and to every single details. Online marketing sites needs a clear and understandable product image in order to create branding and to influence your potential buyers. For the benefit of your e-commerce services, your targeted customers always look for an extraordinary product image to increase its visits and selling activities. So you can judge that how important it is to make your product image lucrative and clear.


Product Photo retouching service is way for bringing the best visual site of an image. The flaws and blemishes can be removed from the image. You can edit all the destructive elements from the picture by just getting access with the Photoshop. Product Photo retouching service ensures the every single aspect of your image to be cleared. And if you want to upload an old image of your product then it is the right to get touch with Product Photo retouching service. It helps to restore your lost old photos that may lose its appeal and get scratched by time.


Famous magazines use this High-end Retouching Service in order to polish their covers and make their magazines eye-catching. This is the method for introducing your creativity and makes your Image with the best visual output.


Retain extra details of your image and gain the attractiveness in few minutes.

Photoshop Clipping Mask Service is heeding with popularity among the advertisers and graphic designers these days. Now you can concentrate on your heart business or creative activities by outsourcing your diverse photo editing needs one such being clipping mask service. Fotoclipping is a dedicated ISO certified Graphic Design Outsourcing Service provider and established in June 2009.

When we click an image, the main object of it often includes miscellaneous backgrounds. These backgrounds sometimes divert the main appeal of the image and it may not carry the images out completely. So, Image Masking is one of the weapons for eliminating such backgrounds and replacing them with preferred ones. It is in particular applicable on the compound images without superior and even edges.

We can provide you with quality Photoshop Masking, Multiple Clipping Path, Photoshop masking, transparency masking, translucent masking, layer masking, and much more with a pool of talented and dedicated team of designers. Our aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. We offer very competitive price with zero tolerance in quality. We are able to provide you 100% manual Photoshop clipping mask with pen tool & knock out tool.

A quality website design is the top demand for Businessman

Web graphics optimization is an effective way for speeding up page display. It is a wonderful art of image optimization that helps in reducing the load time of graphics, maintaining an satisfactory level of image superiority.

We help to optimize your web graphics by minimizing bit-depths, do JPEG optimization, change into Web graphic formats, cropping and combining images, optimize image for web, do JPEG Compression, optimize animated GIFS formats and various form of web graphic optimization using the right graphics software and JPEG optimizers.

We will help you to get instant access to skilled designer. It helps to decrease your bandwidth costs, cut the web page file size and load time drastically. We will keep your customers satisfied and thus reduces your bailout rates. It minimizes HTTP requests by eliminating and combining your images.web_template_design_by_fotoclipping_design-d4chfe8


The hand written letters were flying around the globe in the ancient days which is totally turned into digital in the modern world. The handwritten materials are computerized and put in a new form –Typography. Many of the organizations do this form of media in a modernized form called typographic service. Anyone can wonder what is so special in this typography services..?. I personally analyzed what is behind the typography services. Actually what does it mean and how do they do It.? The content which is presented with appealing letters, colors and designs makes the consumers to grab the idea easily is termed as typography..!! Don’t leave your breath thinking that, “huhh… Is this all about typography..?? Such an easy job… “ . If you think so, then you are a loser. This is not at all an easy task. Reading someone’s mind and presenting to them in the way their mind gets attracted is purely an art. I can very well debate among others that it is not only service but it is a Typography Art. So are the typography services providers are artists..? Obviously the one who has a power to attract someone by his skills is an artist.

The typography service is an appropriate technique of arranging type in order to make language visible.  The human eyes are used with getting focused to the things which is catchy and attractive. Typography does the same that involves selection of typefaces (fonts), point size, line length, adjusting the space between pairs of letters and adjusting the space between groups of letters. Designing should prompt any type of users to be easily attracted. Coloring in typography is the density of ink on page determined by typeface, word spacing and depth of the margins. Combination of colors, use of typeface imparts a resonance to the subject matter. The font type matters a lot where classical fonts are for strong personality, Modern fonts are for clean and neutral feel. These typographic services extends their circumstances to the fields like advertisements, typesetting and type design, handwriting, calligraphy, vehicle instrument panels, architectural lettering, business communications and many more.

Does typography inspire the people? After some analysis on this question I came out with many proven answers among the present young minds while I saw a wall paper of a mobile phone which had a nice quote “Got my heart in your hands”. The typography became a typography inspiration when this normal quote became a picture in a screen by formatting to a catchy font, color and the type face. The typography inspiration can be seen projected in modern fashion teens. Even a single letter becomes a print for t-shirts where again the typography proves to be an art. Sometimes the development becomes an easier task than designing the same where it will be reached to the world which typographic art does.

Thus enhancement given to the normal message becomes a famous art none other than typography which becomes an inspiration among the people.

Use Illustration Wisely to Promote your Business

Illustration is creating a graphical representation. It can be done through any art media like painting, drawing, photograph or any kind of other art. The main objective of illustration is to convey a message or subject matter to audience rather than form used during the visualization process. Illustration can be many types like logo illustration, character illustration and comic illustration. Textual information like a story illustrated and can be presented as comic illustration. Through illustration it is possible to convey a subtle theme tone in an effective narrative way. A company’s identity can be expressed by logo illustration or by character illustration in logo or in other promotional materials. The main objective of illustration is to enhance visual cue through the enhancement of textual information.

Logo illustration is done by combining visual element like a symbol, icon, sign or ideogram with an arranged typeface. This logo illustration in turn, becomes commercial brand and a trademark. Some companies also add a slogan with the logo illustration that reflects the philosophy or mission statement of the company. Logo illustration is an important aspect in the sense that it creates a brand and it last for the period that company exists. Sometimes decades may be for centuries. So, logo illustration should be well thought, high budgeted and should be done by real professionals. Cheap logo illustration might not work at all and can bring bad consequences. Professional logo illustration is usually done through trend research in that particular industry and designing more than one logo. So, paying high may worth good logo illustration.

In graphic character illustration it does not mean a person’s personal character illustration. Character illustration means working with a symbol. It also means to write, print, engrave and inscribe and to portray or represent.  By character illustration one or more symbols is used to make a visual cue that helps to communicate an idea or a word. These symbols are manipulated in different ways to enhance the visual representation without changing its originality. A pencil sketch thus can be turned in to an appealing digital art after manipulating by the software. Due to the technological innovation modern character illustration has deviates a lot from the traditional character illustration. Now a vector character illustration can be modified or can be created by using computer which can be used in various business purposes like in the website. Adobe illustrator is one of the post popular software used for character illustration.

As a medium of art comic illustration exists for centuries. But in the late 19th and in the early 20th century it took a firm position along with the film and animation. Comic illustration and other two media have a thing in common that is combination of words and pictures. The radical change of comic illustration was due to the industrial revolution that first establishes and makes comic illustration popular in newspapers and magazines.

Comic illustration that is known as comic strip or cartoon strip, funnies or simply strip, is a series of drawing that tells a story. It is serialization of stories. The main use of this type of comic illustration is in the media like newspaper and in comic books.

Beautify Your Photo with Complex Photo Editing Techniques

Gone are the days, when one had to wait for days together, to get a perfect click for the frame. The neighborhood photographer took his own sweet time for photo editing, by giving them a pleasing background, Photo retouch, photo restoration, Color Mask, etc. People thought him as a magic man who would cure all the negatives on the photos. However, much has changed with time. The magic photographer has bid goodbye to manual photo editing and adopted newer and improved ways of photo restoration. With advanced technology, a black and white photo can be turned into colour or vice versa in just few minutes. Earlier the same thing would have taken days together.

 There are several photo editing functions that help one change a photo drastically. If photo is being edited just for fun, then there are several photo editing options online. However, one must select a professional team to get that perfect look. An edited photo adds the much-needed charm to the picture, with perfect lighting, Photo retouch, Color Mask, etc. A happy person can look gloomy with the changephoto editing, Photo retouch, photo restoration, Color Mask d lighting and a gloomy picture turns bright with photo restoration. One just needs a basic knowledge to get that perfect glamorous look in the pictures. Some brides are worried about their looks in the wedding album. With the advanced tools and techniques like photo editing, the newlywed couple can get a memorable photo album with no scars, blemishes, obscure snaps. Further, they can add drama with black and white snaps, glossy looks, etc.

 Photo retouch

This tool adds glamor to a photo. There are times when a perfect family portrait is spoiled, thanks to someone’s temporary double chin or wrong make-up. With Photo retouch, one can get the perfect blush on the cheeks and the right smile with no expensive dental surgery. Professionals help remove blemishes and acne; blend the skin colour on the acne patches, etc. with Photo retouch services. This is especially important for close-ups wherein one it is not possible to overlook the uneven skin tone. While it can be difficult to get the perfect skin with newly invented creams and lotions, it is perfectly possible to get one by retouching photos.

Color Mask

Earlier people use to visit fairs, where there were photographers with temporary sets of popular destinations around the world. With snaps clicked with such sets in the background, one got a feel of visiting the place in person. However, the modern tools like Color Mask are a boon to this dream of people. With this tool, one can magically have a photograph standing near the Big Ben Tower in spite of not visiting the place even once. At times, there are unknown people in the background; this tool can get rid of them and make the picture apt for an album.

Services like photo restoration cures damaged photographs with advanced tools and techniques. Photos, which have folds, scratches, or are torn due to some reasons, can be restored easily.

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